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Our company offers a cost-effective, all-inclusive,
Fund Data Management solution tailored to your needs.
Thanks to our in-depth investment fund experience,
we are offering state-of-the-art technology solutions
to streamline fund data and document processes.

About F2C

Case studies

Profile : top tier asset manager with cross-border activities in more than 20 countries.

Need : increase the quality and scope of fund publications and distributor reports, whilst reducing their internal workload and keeping their cost under strict control.

What did we bring : we have reviewed and optimized the processes of data sourcing and data validation. Thanks to our scalable and automated platform publiFund, we have sharply increased their media coverage (from 18 to 76) and the number of managed publication points (from 3,200 to 29,000) at no extra charge. The production and dissemination of distributors reports are now fully automated and hassle-free. The client also gets the benefit today of the automated KIID /PRIIPs production, as well as the population of their web site’s data and documents by F2C.

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